Saturday, 4 February 2012

The worlds best airport story

 After saying my last goodbye's to my closest friends and family and finally starting/finishing packing, two things finally hit me. 1. That I was leaving for Australia tomorrow and I wouldn't see my home, my family or friends for the next three months and 2. that I was leaving all that behind to go on the trip of a lifetime. Having two completely different thoughts in my head at the same time was a mix of nerves and excitement I had never experienced but was ready to take on.

 The next morning me, my mum and my brother got to the airport around 10am and met my dad there. We said our final goodbyes and I made my way to the gate. I remember standing there with all the business men and women and feeling so young. The passengers started boarding and all you heard was the 'beep...beep...beep' of each passengers boarding pass as they got on the plane but when the attending took my ticket she scanned it for about 1 minute and nope, no beep. My heart sank. I was completely alone at the airport and had no idea what was going on. All I had been thinking about was what movies I was going to watch on the plane and what kind of food I would get, never not being able to get on my flight. I later found out that all my original tickets had become invalid because they were changed to another airline because of the snow storm that morning. My mum came back to fix the problem and call the travel agency. A quick side note to anyone reading this, NEVER use Travelocity, They don't know what there doing over there. But anyways, after my mum finally got in contact with them and they rebooked my flights everything seemed ok. We had to wait until five for my flight to Dallas so we spent the day roaming Logan airport. We went to my gate early to make sure everything was right with my flights. Unfortunetly we ended up waiting for about 50 minutes behind a family with what seemed like about 15 kids and there english was very, very poor. When we finally got up to the desk it was about 4:45 and I was already running late. I gave the lady at the desk my ticket and again, no beep. We told her what had happened early today and how I needed to get on this flight. "One second, I'll be right back" she said and took my ticket with her into a room behind the desks. About 5 minutes later she came sprinting back with another man who worked at the desks. "We need your passport and Visa!" they both said and so we gave it to them in a hurry. The woman printed out another set of boarding passes and told the attendant to rush us to security. The other man still had my passport and visa in the room and said he would catch up with us. Me, my mum and the attendant started running towards security when I heard a voice calling my name and turned around to see the man waving my passport and visa in his hands. "THANK YOU!" I said and just kept running. I got rushed through security and the man working there told us that my flight was finishing boarding and we needed to hurry. If me and the attendant were running before, we're absolutely, full out sprinting now. But in the midst of all this running we caught each others eye and just smiled and let out a laugh. This whole situation was something out of a movie. Running through the airport as the music builds and everything goes into slow motion, this is hollywood gold! I finally reached the gate just as they were about to close the doors. I gave them my ticket and hugged my mum goodbye one last time then ran onto the plane. "Are you fiona?" asked the man working on the plane. I said yes and then he yelled "She got on the plane!!!" followed by the passengers applauding and me giving out the loudest "yeeeaahhh buddy" of my life. About 37 hours later, I arrived in Australia! It was then realized that without all the craziness from the day before I wouldn't have such an awesome story to tell now and that its only adding onto the adventure I've just begun.

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this from your perspective....keep up the good work!