Sunday, 12 February 2012

Australian slang and all its wonder

Shortly after arriving here I realized there was a lot of slang!... and that is probably the worlds biggest understatement. Every object here seems to be a cognate, you can tell what they mean but there not using the words you use. Here are just some of the more common slang words:
Bathers=Bathing suit
Thongs=Flip flops
Sunny's=Sun glasses
Cheese toasty=Grilled cheese
Daggy=Nerdy looking
Rashy=Rash guard
Chips=French Fries
They also use a ton of phrases such as: "good on ya!" "g'day" and "blimey". Also everyone here has a nickname. The rule of thumb is that if your name is greater than 1 syllable its shortend to 1 syllable. So, Fiona=Fee and Lara=Lars. But if your name is only one syllable then it becomes more than 1 syllable. So, Eve=Evey and Sue=Suesy. Its confusing at first but I swear, it does kinda make sense. Its like learning a whole other language and I realized just how much slang we have from Boston too. The first time I said "Oh thats wicked sick!" I got some pretty strange looks but I'm sure I gave them the same look the first time I heard thongs instead of flip flops. But after living here for about my first month I would say ive got most of the lingo down and Im no longer at tourist status.

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