Monday, 6 February 2012

The two week mark

       Today marks 2 weeks that ive been in australia, but it only feels like its been a few days. Somtimes I realize just how far away I am from everything when things arent going great here and I dont have my close friends and family to rely on, but a majority of the time I get to take it all in and be like in australia!!! The short time I have already spent here has opened my eyes. I never realized just how big the world was. Sure you can look at a map and pick out places you would want to spend your next holiday but if you really think about it, the world is amazing. What seems like a few inches on a map can mean the difference between 90 degrees and 20 degrees, or whether you'll be tanning or skiing. Well in my case...definetly not skiing. But the thought of that blows my mind. Theres so many places you can go and each one is so different! After doing countless google searches and talking to other exchange/international students, I definetly want to see the world! I hope that this trip is only the begining of many exchanges i'll be doing in the future. Maybe a gap year before college or maybe a semester abroad while in college, maybe both! Whatever the case I want to travel and see the world from all its different perspectives.

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