Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Arrival

     I was so releaved to finally meet my family at the airport in Australia. Dave, Sue and Lara all came to come get me. While we were driving home I couldn't beleave what I was seeing. Partially because I was so tired after flying for 32 hours but mostly because of how beautiful everything was. The sun was just beginning to set and we drove by the river and the city. Everything radiated colour and the air was so warm. When we reached the house me and lara jumped right into the pool. But after we got out I got the full tour of the house. Everything was so new and modern. The views were amazing. It wasn't long after the tour that I finally fell asleep. But just seeing a small glimpse of the place I was coming into was amazing and being so far away from everything had never been a better feeling.
me and lara in the pool

one of the many views

part of the house

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