Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A common misconception

Being the only American international student at an all Aussi school pretty much grants you celebrity status, but with great power comes great responsibility..and by that I mean that everyone and everything that can speak can and will ask you a questions about America. Even my exchange student friends have a million questions to ask me, I never knew how actually fascinated people were with my country. The idea that my ordinary day at school back home is so interesting to my friends here is pretty cool. The most common questions I've gotten are..
"Where in the states are you from?"
"Wheres Boston?"
"Have you ever been in a movie?"
"Have you been to Harry Potter world?"
"Have you been to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York?"
"Do you own a gun?"
"Is it just like Glee?"
"Do you call them Flip Flops?"
"Do you have (insert american tv show) in America?"
"How many celebrities have you seen"
everytime I say 'Im tired' someone will always go "Oh yea what time is it in America?"
And my personal favorite, "Do you speak english?"
 These were the questions I always got in about my first month of school but now me and my mates from school have the usual chill conversations. Although a lot of people here already have their own personal opinions about America, the majority cant get enough. It really made me think about where I live. The people here always complain about how no famous bands/artists ever come to Perth, which made me think back on just how many concerts are thrown each summer in Boston. The students here always ask "why did you choose Perth its so boring nothing ever happens here" which reminds me of people back home always asking the new kids "How did you find Norwell?" No matter where you live the grass always seems to be greener on the other side, and being away for so long has really made me appreciate Norwell. Not only because of my family and friends but because of everyone and everything that live there, I've really thought about it over these past few months and realized we live in a amazing town. I know a lot of you are probably talking about just how much you want to get out of 'Borwell' but trust me, once you leave you will miss it more than you think.

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  1. Nice post, good realizations, nice writing, good flow. In what ways are the schools in Oz different from NHS?

    Thanks for the update!